Two lonely boats

Two lonely boats

Two lovely boats

All alone at sea

They don’t know how to get back safe

They lay alone on the Sandy beach

It isn’t much of a reach

The tide is out

There owners left then alone

Didn’t clean or care for them at all

It’s bit of a free fall.

They spend time speaking in code

Do you remember the day we went out?

He says to her

No she says

Her red colour is faded

She’s shrinking away

Slowly without delay

The salt has gotten into her

Deep and it’s rotting her insides

She wishes to be young and youthful

But she can’t she’s ageing with no one to take away her pain

Only when it rains

As she sits all alone

Bobbing across the sea

She wishes to only be at peace


Right to protest

Right to protest

The right to our freedoms

Lays on our heads

This law the draconian thugs want to bring in

Taking away our rights to speak pre pandemic

We were standing at castle square United as one.

Now we are fearful we will be watched and stopped

For the rights of our freedoms

Which lays on our heads

This government don’t care

Violence is there game

If it’s all the same

From slavery to women’s rights

They don’t want us to fight .

But we must not give in to them

We must raise our hands

Speak loudly

Write poetry and more

For it’s our right to protest.

28.3.2021 SM

Women’s fight

Women’s fight

Women’s fight it is a right
To not be afraid Walking home at night
We do not want a fright .

The days of the ripper long gone
Except we have not changed
We need to feel safe and as one
Why can’t the good guys keep us safe?

Across Clapham Common poor sarah walked,
Then a copper murdered her?
We need to reignite the suffragettes
Things haven’t changed.

So much for equality
When you can’t even report rape?
Those poor women traumatised
By a broken system
A broken state
So please why won’t you keep us safe?

It’s a women’s right
We don’t want to have to fight
Without this foresight

SM 21.3.21

The curry house

The curry house

The curry house was next door,
It smelt of delicious scents
Wafting out the floors

What curry will you try today?
Different scents galore
For I live next door

The curry scents are strong
I feel like a sophomore
Oh please give me some more!

If I offer to deliver curries
Maybe they will give me one for free?

To the best curry house
Next door

SM 6.3.21

Lockdown story

They looked over at each other, it was busy in the pub that day. Jostled tables of people, laughing and drinking cocktails, celebrating the end of lockdown. Yet not one of these people knew those twos secret. It was just there’s to know and no one elses to share.

It was bustling in Mumbles that night, many had come out to go down the Mumbles Mile (or what was left of it). They both had decided for a change, and to celebrate the fact that he would finally be allowed to stay at hers that night – to try some pubs and introduce her. She was relatively new to the area and felt worried as she hardly knew anyone. Moving during lockdown was not fun at all, having to spend each night walking with him- but it was a walk date and they had continued the trend. Even when the lockdown restrictions were lifted. The pale pink coloured dress she had on, shone brightly and her make up was glowing beautifully. The men stared at her, like who is this beauty? Yet, it was him he had the honour to say she was mine.

As they sat in the corner of the Hotel pub, which even that was pretty busy, she smiled at him, her earrings sparkled to and she had a smirk on her face. He did not understand how she could not see her own beauty? Maybe it was all the years in London she had spent in her youth, or men just treating her badly. But she was truly his queen. He wished he could announce to the world his secret, but he knew she would not let him, not until July she had said. He sat and drank his pint, she had a nice white wine spritzer- from the start she had said it was her favourite. They both looked outside, as Mumbles was busy with revellers celebrating the end of Lockdown. Is this what we had become? He thought. It was sort of sad. Lockdown was sad, but so was being unable to spend every night in her warm arms and her laughing at his funny jokes. She stared out the window, he hoped she was not overthinking again, her light blue eyes looked like they carried so much inner pain. Yet, she was so frightened to speak of it. The trauma that affected her body on a daily basis, her concern as he had a text. The cheating and lies she had been through, had scarred her mind forever. Yes he had to go slow. But he knew he shared their secret together and it was the best feeling in the world. That one day- she would be all his. He would help her keep calm in the nights when she couldn’t sleep, where she woke up having anxiety attacks, or when she twisted and turned with bad memories. The only cure, she had told him was Titanic tales, the way to heal her mind of its traumas. This poor beauty had been through so much, he looked at her, as she smiled back at him,,,,,

Writers struggle ..

I stared at out at the cold bedsit that I was now in, Lisa had chucked meout right before Christmas. I mean I knew Lisa had a ongoing court case with her ex and had decided to cheat and lie on me. The first time, I had been a little sad and betrayed. I had come home to find some disgusting soaked bedsheets and left over vibrators all over our bedroom. I forgave her- it was joint tenancy and it was my home too. However the second time was so much worse, this time Lisa had dumped me right before I had a prostate cyst removed. I mean, how harsh was that? But the next night, after my anaesthetic she went to her ex boyfriends Stuart’s party. Came back stinking of Prosecco and throwing up down the toilet. I went to hug her, Lisa just told me the next day in a text : WHAT ARE YOU DOING HUGGING ME? So I felt low. I tried to get on with my writing, I was on my first chapter of a new novel. I hope to become like Lee Child one day- with thrilling and exciting books that would be made into movies. Instead I have my belongings all over the place, I am sitting here in a cold bedsit. While Lisa took our big house and stole all my furniture.

It is cold here, but at least is home, I can stay here writing as long as I need. I would rather feed my Dog Joey, he is my best friend. He is here for me when Lisa just cheated and lied. I mean I was good to her, I helped her with that child of hers. I did not have to, she was desperate for me to marry her, I said no. She had no ambition, no goals. She just wanted to rinse off my money and claimed that I was ignoring her.. I was busy preparing my famous novel. It is not a easy feat being a writer. I lay here typing out the second chapter now, debating Lisa and all the lies. I mean Stuart was nothing special, just a local wide boy. But guess she goes for that kind of man. I have struggled for years, I just wanted someone beside me to support me and encourage me?

But hey, its life. Mine has been no exception, a string of bad girlfriends and now in a bedsit- just Joey and I. A lonely christmas as well- a dinner for one. Then I drank a load of beers to forget. But I will be okay, I just have to remember my goals and that I will become famous one day. Joey and I we are fine, at least I am thankful that I have a roof over my head. More than can be said for some people!

The secret isle….

The silent isle

Like rocks on the horizon

You cannot see

So it is with the secret isle

It stands alone

When the fog covers it

You can’t see across

As the fog horn blows its tune

Is this a silent, secret isle?

They once sighed

As they travelled far and wide

Is this a secret place?

The two judding rocks,

Appearing large at the bay

Is this where we must lay?

I hear them say .

It isn’t a silent isle

It’s connected to land

Where you can lay your hand

On a grain of sand.

Is this the secret isle?

I hear those smugglers say

As they turn up on the bay

SM 15.2.21

Lockdown restrictions…

It was just another day in Lockdown, time seemed to go still. The days dragging by, first of all Christmas was spent all alone. I could not even travel to see my family in London. It was like a long and tiring charade of restrictions. Level 4 now, what will it be next week? Perhaps, it maybe a Level 6?

To see the Prezzo, Bistrot Pierre and many more along the seafront all shut down. In these cold winter days, I fancy nothing more than a decent warm hot chocolate. However I cannot go to Verdi’s. It is completely silent, once buzzing with life it is all but silent and quiet. No one passes its doors, no tables sit out watching the sea bay. The only people walking along are us, we hold hands, it is bitter cold. He makes me laugh in such a way- that people stare, maybe think I have been let out on day release? I sigh, I wish that Verdi’s was open, so he could treat me to a warm hot chocolate, we could sit in the corner and discuss our funny ideas privately. 

The speculation is now rife, what with it reaching Valentines Day- still everything is closed. It has been a long time since i sat in Zinco Lounge, with a nice pink rose wine – a little treat to myself. I decide to study – distract my mind, or watch Netflix. Thank goodness I have a new job soon- getting out the house really helps. Studying and reading too, I hope we can have a real date soon. The closest we got to was a take away date. But it would be nice to go out on a real proper date out in the town where I live.


Dreaming of days gone by

Dreaming of days gone by

Dreaming of days gone by
We could sit close- hug each other
Dreaming of days gone by
We could grab mics and read poetry aloud
I miss those days

Dreaming of days gone by
When I could go into a bar for a glass of wine
Dreaming of days gone by
Where the hairdresser cut my hair
I miss those days

Dreaming of days gone by
When I could go into charity shops
Pick up a bargain
Dreaming of days gone by
When I could have a cup of coffee
In a local cafe
I miss those days

Dreaming of days gone by
When I could dress up for a date
Go to the pub laugh, have fun
Now we are confined
Dreaming of days gone by
I miss those days

Dreaming of days gone by
When I could go to a restaurant
Now only take aways are allowed
Dreaming of days gone by
Where masks where not the fashion
I miss those days