Ghost town

Morristown ghost town

My town a ghost town
Once bustling full of joy
Now just empty no one ahoy

Shut up shops
Like some science fiction movie
No more Greggs or subway for us

Silently walking
Past my favourite pub
It’s sweltering sunny
Perfect for a nice ice cold drink
Yet no where to have one

Going to Lidl
Masks on fear in people’s eyes
I wonder why ?

This is now a ghost town
It was once busy bustling happy
Now it feels dying ghostly

Please morris town come alive once more!

Socially still

Socially still

Socially still
Without a phone call
For a thrill
No symptoms
But drugs as a child
Affecting me still
Is this Gods will?

I lie alone
Cats by my side
Post traumatic stress disorder
Do I fight or flight?

Books to read plenty to do and see
No one to visit me
I’m sat here socially still
Missing all my friends still
Work colleagues I cannot see
This is not where I would imagine I would be


Cheers to the Apocalypse

Cheers to the Apocalypse

I drink my last wine thirstily
Knowing I won’t be having any soon.
Cats rationed on food
It’s for there own good
Me also

The pale horse off the Apocalypse
If your a eschatology phone like me
You hope to run free?

Cheers to the judgements
To the wormwood asteroid hitting soon
Don’t be scared
Don’t be fearful
Trust in him with all your Prayers

Paranoia will grip
I’ve seen fear in people’s eyes
But please don’t cry
This is only for a short while

So cheers to welcoming those horses
Our lives will be changed forever
Just hold steadfast and true